Anything goes, and everything swings

Willie Nelson said it best, “genres were invented to sell music.”



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Hailing from Pretoria, the Anything Goes Trio: Rynier Prins (guitar), Siobhan Lloyd-Jones (violin), and Viwe Mkizwana (bass), recreate the sound of a European gypsy troupe with music to suit any atmosphere. From the swing of Paris, to the heat of Buenos Aires, add a touch of Slavic romance and you’ve got it. Anything Goes.

From Byrd to Tchaikovsky to Gershwin, the emphasised swing that characterised music of the early twentieth century has never been lacking, and this group makes sure you don’t forget it.

Three classically trained musicians: Rynier Prins (guitar), Siobhan Lloyd-Jones (violin), and Viwe Mkizwana (bass), will give you, without a hitch, anything from a South American choro to a Yiddish Lullaby, played with la pomp of Django Reinhardt, and the harmony of Piazzolla.

It’s musical artistry at its best. They outplay a metronome with frightening rhythmic precision, often on blazing tempos, while the repertoire meanders unpredictably from continent to country.

Foot-tapping merriment aside, the Anything Goes Trio (far from the risqué insinuations of Cole Porter’s lyrics) is about class. The repertoire is not only swung, but respected. It’s romantic without the schmaltz, it’s exotic without the feathers, it’s improvised without ego, and it’s beautiful.

“If Klezzical were a genre they’d play it.”

Listen to the Anything Trio