Corporate drumming workshop facilitator and beloved South-African entertainer

Experience an exciting and memorable experience by SA’s favourite percussionist RIAAN VAN RENSBURG as your host.



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Drumming and dance have been used for thousands of years to strengthen communities by awakening the energy, passion and drive of the individuals and groups so their goals can be achieved with enthusiasm.

Drum Circles are not about learning to play the drums or acquiring musical technique. In fact, prior musical experience is not necessary. You do not even have to own a drum, we provide all the drums.

The corporate drumming experience bonds participants, creating a motivated and unified group. This enjoyable, non-threatening environment will encourage cooperation, community, wellness and creative expression.

Although Riaan is best known for his energetic performance every Friday night on the popular TV show, Noot vir Noot, his passion for drums already started at the age of four. He studied music at Pretoria Technicon, but it wasn’t until he went to Ghana to further his studies in African rhythms that he finally experienced the powerful energy of the djembe drum. Since then Riaan has been active in facilitating drumming events for companies to share his expertise and infectious passion to create not only a successful medium of communicating, but also to make a deep spiritual connection with yourself that inspire positive energy to help you live your life in abundance.

Riaan is available for both corporate drumming workshops and private events.

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