The Oh So Serious was established in 2009. Vana a singer songwriter from Irene Pretoria, is the brain child behind this Folk Collective. He said he started the collective “ I wanted to get a band together for my 60th”



Some seriously charming comments people have shared:

“The band is no joke because they have perfectly and exactly nailed an early folk sound mixed with country roots and bluegrass music that no one else on the local scene has done yet”
– a thousand guitars

“Folk met ‘n titseltjie jazz (of soms blues) partykeer. Passie en talent in the Oh So Serious is daar ook volop deesdae. Passie is aansteeklik”

“These guys brought out the big guns straight off the bat with their highly impressive range of musical instruments and the skill to back it up”
– The Grind Radio

“The Oh So Serious got everyone moving and ready for a great party”

“The sound is one that transports you back to another time and the show is never the same and always highly entertaining. 5 hot acts to follow”

Listen to”I heard my mother praying for me”

When The Oh So Serious Folk Collective  originally formed they were described as a country folk band, specialising in the early twentieth century sound rooted in the folk blues, roots and country genres, and were heavily influenced by Hank Williams, the Mississippi Sheiks as well as modern time singers Gram Parsons, David Viner, Jack White, Pokey La Farge and Leon Redbone. Later on they were called Indie-Folk, Folk Rock and now we are not completely sure..

Their latest studio album Lo Fi Hoax  runs through multitude of emotions, and hidden subliminal messages for those who listen closely. They released their first album, The Oh So Serious Folk Collective in 2009 , and have since released two more albums; a live recording like the old folks used to do to capture all the instruments at once, called Live at Tweefontein  in 2012, where the entire clan made a weekend of the recording session. Lo fi Hoax  is their recent take on collectiveness, and it is a much more polished studio effort, than the other two albums.

It’s important to know that local artists collaborated on all albums, from instruments to photography and video to graphics to finger paint and Bic  pens to Bongani AKA Mr Banana  in Tembisa. Even a juggling Brazilian found on a beach in Mozambique with a crystal ball had an influence.

The Oh So Serious Folk Collective will challenge you. Heck they challenge themselves. They are always in the flux and let the music lead them. It is not unusual for impromptu outbursts of soulfulness to pour out of this group. Although many of hours have gone into writing, rehearsing and arranging their music, it’s best to think of them as ‘anti-orchestra’. Their music reflects a celebration of their love for music, art and theatre, their hometown and respect for early day tales in song. Included in the sound, listeners can enjoy guitar, banjo, harmonica, accordion and saxophone rhythms blended succinctly with original lyricism and stories.

The Oh So Serious use various media and social network platforms to engage with their audiences and to keep them up to date with upcoming performances. Their music is available digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp and Soundcloud as well as compact disk. Their website hosts a range of interviews and information to keep the flame burning.

Listen to”Shelby County”